How to Choose your Perfect Flapper Dress

How to Choose your Perfect Flapper Dress

What does your ideal flapper dress look like? The charming twenties will always be remembered as a decade of flappers. Free from the physical and moral constraints, flappers give you a perfect mix of both the modern and old times. Loose but glamorous, these dresses effortlessly blend comfort and elegance. If you are struggling to choose the perfect flapper dress according to your body and figure, you have landed in the right place. This article brings a comprehensive guide on different body figures and suited flapper dresses for them.

The Perfect Pear-shaped Body Flapper Dress

Do you have a pear-shaped figure? Then most of your visual impact lies in the hips section. So, one of the first things you must notice in a flapper dress is the outlook of the upper part. For example, the dresses with some extra-decorated upper portions including decorative beads, lace, geometrical shapes, and other patterns. However, try to choose a dress that suits your entire body shape. To make your upper part more attractive, you can also play around with the sleeves. For example, shorter sleeves made out of fine lace-lining can multiply the elegance of your dress. So, a flapper dress with a couple of lace sleeves gives you an aura filled with romance and art.

The Perfect Apple-Shaped Body Flapper Dress

If you are someone with an apple-shaped figure, you will naturally draw attention to your waistline since this is usually the largest dimension. In such cases, you should go for the flapper dresses that don’t focus on the silhouette and attract the legs and chest. A key thing in your dress hunt can be looking for beaded dresses that are just shorter than your knee length. Moreover, look for V-necks as they attract a lot of attention. Other design details that amplify your outlook include fine beading, transparent decorative details, and even sequins. And sweetheart necklines. Combine all of this with showing some leg, and there you are, ready with a killer sexy look!

The Perfect Hourglass Body Flapper Dress

Carrying your hourglass figure with all those gorgeous curves can get overwhelming. But not when you have a perfect recipe for your dress. Hourglass bodies have shapely chests and bottoms. Although, they have a considerably smaller waist in between. The good news is that with an hourglass body, it’s really easy to choose a flapper dress. Since the figure is very well shaped, the old-school flat design of a flapper dress would look just as good. So, if you have an hourglass figure, you get the freedom of choosing whichever flapper dress you might want.

The Perfect Boyish Body Flapper Dress

The boyish figures commonly have equal-sized hips, as well as chest, and bottom. So the well-known drop-waist dress wouldn’t suit you. This problem can be solved with dresses that have lower necklines. For the lower part, add some extra volume with a short hemline. The bottom line is that with a boyish figure, a gorgeous flapper dress should be rightly fitted. Not confident enough to risk it? Choose your favorite style and go for it. Risk is where the money lies!


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