How to Use a PopSocket


As more smartphones are being manufactured, so also are more accessories created to help us enjoy the full benefits of owning a phone. One of the accessories that’s currently making waves in the world today is the PopSocket. Unfortunately, some people are still in the dark about what a PopSocket is and how it’s used.

A PopSocket is a device that’s attached to the back of your phone. For one, they make your phone more beautiful, but they do so much more than provide aesthetic benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways you can use a PopSocket.

What Can You Use a PopSocket for?

As we’ve already mentioned, a PopSocket is much more than a mere addition to your phone. The device has other uses, which is one of the reasons why they’re in high demand among smartphone users. Below are the other ways you can use a PopSocket.

For Video Chats

When you’re connecting with your family and friends via video chats, you can use a PopSocket to hold up your smartphone.

As a Media Stand

For people who love watching movies or streaming videos, it can be stressful to hold up your phone with your hands. With a PopSocket, you don’t have to worry about that – you can use the accessory to prop up your phone while you enjoy your movie.

Cord Wrap

Many might not know this, but you can also wrap your audio or charging cables around your popsocket. This will prevent the cords from tangling up and causing you a lot of headache.

For Camera Protection

A popsocket protrudes at the back of your phone, which means that when your phone lies flat, it’s slightly raised. This protects your camera from coming in contact with any hard surface and getting ruined in the process.

For Good Grip

On a smartphone, you do a lot of activities with just one hand, such as taking selfies and texting. A careless move can make the device fall from your hand, but with a popsocket, you can get a good grip on your phone and not worry about it dropping from your hand.

Where to Put Your Popsocket

The general location of a popsocket is at the back of your phone but that’s where the peculiarity ends. There’s no rule for where exactly you should place the accessory at the back of your phone. Wherever you stick your pop socket should be somewhere you’re comfortable with.

Overall, there are three major parts that you can attach your popsocket:

  • At the center: This is the most popular place to put your popsocket.
  • Two popsockets down the center: For people who would like to wrap their cords around their popsocket, you should buy two and place them at the center of the phone, not far from each other.
  • At the bottom: You can use this position for when you have to grip the bottom of your smartphone.


Popsockets are a dream come true for many smartphone users. While they are beautiful, they also protect your phone and make you have a more enjoyable experience. In terms of aesthetics, you can spice things up by getting yourself a custom popsocket.


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